How we got here . . . .

The committee has been working on the Clubhouse project since 2015 and at last, the new build has finally started.   These are exciting times and the committee has put a lot of hard work into the project to get this far.

A decision had to be made on the actual design of the building and what material it would be built from.  Planning permission was obtained.

A new 30 year lease had to be agreed to ensure the tenure was secure before applying for funding.  This involved meetings with the Parish Council.

We had to negotiate with the residents who live on Newtown Close, as their drain ran along the back of the old building and needed to be replaced with a longer section, which will run underneath the new clubhouse.

Planning permission was already in place but the design changed and a submission for amendment had to be made, along with an application for building regulations.

Meetings with various builders took place to ensure the Club was getting not only value for money, but also quality for the finished product.

At the same time, the courts themselves were becoming more and more dilapidated and decisions had to be made to establish our priorities.

The Club applied to the LTA for a grant and loan for both the clubhouse and re-surfacing of two courts.  At this time, funding for the clubhouse was rejected, although the Club was offered an interest free loan for 50% of the cost for the court re-surfacing.  Works were completed in Spring 2018 and the courts look great.

Our attention then returned to the clubhouse project and we applied to Sport England for lottery funding and to Harborough District Council for Section106 funds.  (Section 106 is a fund held by the District Council for local community projects and funded by developers).

The Club was delighted to receive substantial grants from both sources, amounting to over 80% of the projected cost.

But with rising costs and additional specialist reports that were needed for the build, the Club had to apply to Tennis Leicestershire for a further interest free loan, which together with its own funds, will now enable the Club to ensure that the project is delivered.

The build should be complete before the end of December and the Club is excited to be moving into 2019 with new facilities!

The old clubhouse . . . (to remind us why we’re doing this)

and the plans for the new one . . . .

Progress so far . . . .

Work begins; the clubhouse is cleared of all furniture and contents.  Items are stored in Jonny Simpson’s ‘massive storage space’ and various other garages.

The shed is dismantled – after removing the wasps’ nest!

The various components of the shed are carefully numbered and catalogued before being stored .  .  .  up against the hedge.

The roof has been removed by the asbestos specialists.  Mike’s men now start the delicate process of ripping out the insides of the building.

Some serious machinery makes easy work of the demolition.

And there it is – gone!

The foundations are going in.  Drain pipes are in place as well as conduit for cabling and so on.  Next week – concrete!

. . . and as promised, lots of concrete!   So that’s the boring bit done.  Now it should start getting more interesting.

Now looking like a proper building site.

Some free advertising for the builder . . .

. . .  and evidence that they are qualified builders.

Some new temporary accommodation has been installed.  Also available for weddings!

The brickwork is now well under way and is expected to progress quickly.  Template door and window frames are in place.

This is where the gazebo was until Storm Ali tipped it into the garden behind!  So no weddings after all.  We’re thinking of building a shelter out of straw next as that might be stronger.

Meanwhile the building made of bricks is looking a lot more solid and stood up to the wind really well!

The roof trusses are now on.  Mmm they look a bit high maybe?

And after a bit of a delay, the roof trusses were squashed down a bit, and the tiles added.  Then the gutters.

Then once the scaffolding was taken down, the windows could be fitted.  The door should be along soon.

Looking good inside now.  Next stages:  electrics and plumbing.

And suddenly, unbelievably, it’s all finished!!