We use WebCollect to maintain our membership data.   WebCollect has been providing membership management solutions to sport clubs since 2010.  You can join as a new member, renew as an existing member and pay either directly online, or pay later by bank transfer or cheque.

It will help us if we have the most up-to-date contact details for you and other family members.

Click here to login to WebCollect to maintain your details.

WebCollect hints and FAQs

I have a new email address
–  login first with your old email address and WebCollect password. In the profile section click on ‘edit details’. Enter your new email address and click ‘save’.  (NB, do not be tempted to set up a new account, just because you have a new email address; to do so will disconnect you from other family members!).

I want to renew my son’s/daughter’s membership but he/she is now in the next age group
–  click on ‘Manage/Renew my subscriptions’.  On the next page, click on ‘buy a different membership’.  Select the new membership that you need and add it to your basket.  When you go through the checkout process, you will be asked to allocate the membership to a family member.

I want to pay by bank transfer; what do I put in the reference field?
–  in the checkout process you will be given a reference code to use in your banking app/website.  Please use this reference code only, exactly as it is.